Beat Cuisine

Sandwiches and Hotdogs

All sandwiches or hot dogs come with an order of fries or pasta salad.
Grilled cheese  $60.00
Black rye-white rye bread, Monterrey Jack cheese
Gourmet Dogs  $60.00
2 gourmet hot dogs with onions and tomato.


All burgers are served with lettuce and tomato,
and an order of French fries or pasta salad.
Cheese Burger  $70.00
Chicken Burger  $60.00
Alaskan Fish Burger  $80.00
Veggie Burger  $80.00
black bean with chipotle pattie


Personal flat bread pizzas.

Alfredo Pizza $60.00
Alfredo sauce with onions and garlic, parmesan cheese, gorgonzola cheese, italian sausage, sweet peppers.

Pesto Pizza $60.00
Pesto sauce,parmesan cheese, gorgonzola cheese, provolone mozzarella cheese, red onions, baked tomato.

Bolognese lasagna $60.00

Personal sized bolognese lasagna served with garden salada.


Fried tacos  $60.00

All fried tacos are served with lettuce and tomato, sour cream, cheese, refried beans. 6 tacos per order. Chicken tacos / Beef tacos / Half and half.

Nachos and salsa $100.00
Served with chipotle, chicken and cheese.

Basket of fries $40.00
Ceviche Tostadas $35.00
black bean with chipotle pattie